Committee Members

Committee does not have any member assignments.


       Sec. 34.  SPECIAL PURPOSE DISTRICTS.  (a)  The committee
  shall have seven  members, with jurisdiction over all matters
  pertaining to:
               (1)  the creation of any special purpose district not
  otherwise assigned by these rules to other standing committees,
  including a crime control and prevention district, library
  district, public improvement district, municipal management
  district, municipal development district, irrigation district,
  water improvement district, water control and improvement
  district, river authority, or navigation district; and
               (2)  any other local government special purpose
  district authorized or created under law that as the result of its
  creation may levy or impose a tax, assessment, or fee for a special
         (b)  In this section, "local government" means a political
  subdivision of this state, other than a county, and includes a
  corporation or other entity created by a political subdivision of
  this state other than a county.