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Committee on House Administration

Committee Documents


Section 16. House Administration (Procedural) — (a) The committee
shall have 11 members, with jurisdiction over:
(1) administrative operation of the house and its employees;
(2) the adoption of policies and procedures for appropriate workplace
conduct under Rule 15 and the housekeeping resolution, including policies and
procedures relating to the training of members, officers, and employees;
(3) the general house fund, with full control over all expenditures
from the fund;
(4) all property, equipment, and supplies obtained by the house for its
use and the use of its members;
(5) all office space available for the use of the house and its members;
(6) the assignment of vacant office space, vacant parking spaces, and
vacant desks on the house floor to members with seniority based on cumulative
years of service in the house, except that the committee may make these
assignments based on physical disability of a member where it deems proper;
(7) all admissions to the floor during sessions of the house;
(8) all proposals to invite nonmembers to appear before or address
the house or a joint session;
(9) all radio, television, and Internet broadcasting, live or recorded,
of sessions of the house;
(10) the electronic recording of the proceedings of the house of
representatives and the custody of the recordings of testimony before house
committees, with authority to promulgate reasonable rules, regulations, and
conditions concerning the safekeeping, reproducing, and transcribing of the
recordings, and the defraying of costs for transcribing the recordings, subject to other provisions of these rules;
(11) all witnesses appearing before the house or any committee thereof
in support of or in opposition to any pending legislative proposal;
(12) the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, Joint
Rules of the House and Senate, and all proposed amendments;
(13) other matters concerning the rules, procedures, and operation of
the house assigned by the speaker; and
(14) the following state agency: the State Preservation Board.
(b) The committee must vote to adopt the annual budget for each house