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Committee on Transportation


Section 32. Transportation — The committee shall have 13 members,
with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
(1) commercial motor vehicles, both bus and truck, and their control,
regulation, licensing, and operation;
(2) the Texas highway system, including all roads, bridges, and
ferries constituting a part of the system;
(3) the licensing of private passenger vehicles to operate on the roads
and highways of the state;
(4) the regulation and control of traffic on the public highways of the
State of Texas;
(5) railroads, street railway lines, interurban railway lines, steamship
companies, and express companies;
(6) airports, air traffic, airlines, and other organizations engaged in
transportation by means of aerial flight;
(7) water transportation in the State of Texas, and the rivers,
harbors, and related facilities used in water transportation and the agencies of
government exercising supervision and control thereover;
(8) the regulation of metropolitan transit; and
(9) the following state agencies: the Texas Department of Motor
Vehicles, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Texas Transportation