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Committee on Business & Industry


Section 3. Business and Industry — The committee shall have nine
members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
(1) industry and manufacturing;
(2) industrial safety and adequate and safe working conditions, and
the regulation and control of those conditions;
(3) hours, wages, collective bargaining, and the relationship between
employers and employees;
(4) unemployment compensation, including coverage, benefits, taxes,
and eligibility;
(5) labor unions and their organization, control, management, and
(6) the regulation of business transactions and transactions involving
property interests;
(7) the organization, incorporation, management, and regulation of
private corporations and professional associations and the Uniform Commercial
Code and the Business Organizations Code;
(8) the protection of consumers, governmental regulations incident
thereto, the agencies of government authorized to regulate such activities, and
the role of the government in consumer protection;
(9) privacy and identity theft;
(10) homeowners’ associations;
(11) oversight and regulation of the construction industry; and
(12) the following state agencies: the State Office of Risk Management,
the Risk Management Board, the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the
Texas Department of Insurance, the workers’ compensation research and
evaluation group in the Texas Department of Insurance, the Office of Injured
Employee Counsel, including the ombudsman program of that office, and the
Texas Mutual Insurance Company Board of Directors.