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Accessibility Policy

The Texas Legislature has proactively taken steps to ensure individuals with disabilities have full access to legislative activities, programs and services. Our goal is to provide legislative activities and facilities that are accessible to all.

The Texas Legislature and its agencies provide the following services:

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Aids for Communication

Proceedings and Hearings

  • The Texas House of Representatives web site provides live and archived broadcasts of most House committee hearings. Electronic versions for legislation are provided in either Microsoft Word, HTML or Adobe PDF for conversion to synthesized speech. Email for more information. Microsoft Word, HTML and Adobe PDF versions of bill text are available here from the Texas Legislature online web site.
  • Proceedings and hearings are available in archived format online at the House web site through the House Video/Audio department; or in an MP4 format placed onto a DVD. Additionally, audio of House debates held in the chamber and House committee meetings are available from the 63rd Legislature (1973) to the present.
  • Internet Documents and Information - Information on the House web site has been formatted to accommodate browser software for the visually impaired, wherever possible. Some information on this site may be in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. Refer to Adobe's web site here for information regarding tools to allow access to PDF files for the visually impaired. The Texas House of Representatives supports the Section 508 Standards and strives to incorporate all the related guidelines and suggestions for improved accessibility. For example, every page of our web site has a "skip to" link allowing screen readers to bypass the header and navigation menu to go directly to the main content. Javascript is minimally used to ensure compatibility across web browsers. All graphics containing text also contain the same text within ALT tags so non-graphical browsers may retrieve the same information.
  • Interpreter Services for (both) Language and Hearing Impaired - the Texas Legislature provides for interpreter services either by a state employee or a private provider. Although meetings, floor debate and activities may be scheduled for a specific day and time by either chamber, those dates and times may be changed. To the extent possible, requests for interpreting services will be provided for the changed time. Interpreter services are paid for by the House Business Office.
  • To request interpreter services for House Committee hearings, contact the House Committee Coordinator office at (512) 463-0850, preferably at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting so appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Portable Assistive Listening Devices - for those attending House proceedings and hearings, portable listening devices are provided, as available, by the House Committee Coordinator at (512) 463-0850.
    • Relay Texas - Relay Texas provides telephone interpreting service between people who can hear and those who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and speech disabled. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there are no restrictions on the length or number of calls placed. All calls are confidential and no records of any conversations are kept.
    • To place a call on Relay Texas as a Voice Caller to a deaf person, please complete the following procedures:
    • Dial 9-711:
    • A voice message will say: "You have reached Relay Texas. Press #1 to place a relay call."
    • Relay Agents will answer and identify themselves.
    • You will then provide the number you wish to call.
    • Agent will connect your call.
    • You will speak to the deaf person you are calling and the agent will type the information for them. When you finish your thought say "Go ahead" and the deaf person will then answer you through the agent.
    • Please have the telephone number ready. Give the agent the area code and the number you want to call. Speak directly to the person you are calling and not the Relay Agent. Please do not direct comments to the Relay Agent during your conversation, because these phrases will be relayed as well. Any background sounds will also be relayed, such as laughter, other people talking in the room, etc. When you leave a message, you may indicate you have called through Relay Texas.
    • If you have further questions concerning Relay Texas, please call the Payroll/Personnel Department at (512) 463-0865. You may also obtain information on-line with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
  • Physical Access - All Capitol facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. To request special assistance, please contact:
    • Capitol Visitor Services, (512) 463-0063
    • Office Location: Capitol 1st Floor, South Wing, Room 1S.2
    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 13286, Austin, TX, 78711
    • Email:
  • The Texas Capital Accessibility Guide - The telephone number for Capitol Visitor Services is also the number for the tour guides' office. That office provides wheelchairs and can conduct tours using American Sign Language with one week's advance notice. If requests are made in advance, the office will try to make whatever accommodations are needed. The House Sergeant's Office handles special accommodations for House Hearing Rooms. Capitol Visitor Services will gladly forward requests to either office, as appropriate. Capitol Accessibility Map.
  • Additional Resources
  • For ADA questions or compliance issues please contact Ruben Aguillon at 512-463-0865 or James Freeman at 512-463-0835.
  • Have Another Question? Try here first. If you still have a question or if your question is regarding the technical side of this website? Email the Web Administrator at

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