Speaker of the House

Speaker's Office Staff Directory

Speaker's Office (512-463-1000)
  • Enrique Marquez, Chief of Staff
  • Kelly Mitchell, Executive Director of Speaker Operations and Legislative Director
  • Jacqueline Walker, Special Advisor to Chief of Staff
  • Braden Hand, Travel Aide
  • Kristine Richmond, Scheduler
Speaker's District Office (409-745-2777)
  • Cole Michalk, District Director
  • Lauren Perkins, HD 21 District Coordinator
Speaker's Correspondence & Administration (512-463-1000)
  • Sydney Watts, Director of Administration
  • Nathan Cline, Correspondence Assistant
  • Alana Garrett, Correspondence Assistant
Speaker's Budget & Finance (512-463-1100)
  • Andrew Blifford, Director of Finance
  • Sallie Bentley, Senior Budget Advisor
Speaker's Policy Office (512-463-1100)
  • Margo Cardwell, Director of Policy
  • Jason Briggs, Deputy General Counsel & Policy Advisor to the House for Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence; Transportation; Urban Affairs
  • Molly Czepiel, Policy Advisor to the House for Health and Human Services; Public Health; County Affairs
  • Marissa Patton, Policy Advisor to the House for Natural Resources; Land & Resource Management; Agriculture & Livestock; Culture, Recreation & Tourism; Environmental Regulation
  • Shakira Pumphrey, Policy Advisor to the House for Criminal Jurisprudence; corrections; Juvenile Justice & Family Issues; Homeland Security & Public Safety; Defense and Veterans' Affairs
  • Daniel Warner, Policy Advisor to the House for Public Education; Higher Education; International Relations & Economic Development
General Counsel (512-463-1100)
  • Margo Cardwell, General Counsel to the House
Speaker's Press Office (512-463-1100)
  • Cait Wittman, Director of Communications
  • Kim Carmichael, Press Secretary