Texas House Member

Rep. Minjarez, Ina

District 124


Capitol Address:

Room E2.312

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

(512) 463-0634

(512) 463-7668 Fax

District Address:

1305 SW Loop 410, #218

San Antonio, TX 78227

(210) 673-3600

Counties Represented:

Bexar (part)



Representative Ina Minjarez was elected to serve the constituents of Texas House District 124 after a special election victory in April 2015. For the 85th Legislative session, Representative Minjarez was appointed to the House Committee on Transportation, the House Committee on Human Services and the Local and Consent Calendars Committee.

During session, she successfully helped pass legislation that actively assists our military families, protects our military bases, combats cyberbullying in schools, and encourages foster care redesign; providing meaningful resources for children in foster care. Furthermore, she successfully amended several bills; ranging from the budget and CPS legislation to the TXDOT sunset bill. Representative Minjarez was also elected to serve as Vice-Chair of the Women's Health Caucus and is a sitting member of the bi-partisan House Research Organization Steering Committee.

By the end of the 85th Legislative Session, Ina authored 7 bills, joint-authored 7 bills, and co-authored 27 bills that were sent to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. She was named, "Rookie of the Year" by Texas Monthly, received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Defense for her support of military service members in the legislature, and was awarded The Advocacy Women's Award by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Currently in the interim, she was appointed by Speaker Straus to serve as a member of the Opioids & Substance Abuse Select Committee. She was also recently appointed to serve on the newly created House Select Committee on Cybersecurity.

In San Antonio, Representative Minjarez has been appointed as a Community Representative by Mayor Ron Nirenberg to the San Antonio Mobility Coalition (SAMCo), and recently was appointed to the ConnectSA board, a nonprofit the Mayor recently created with Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. Ina is also part of the planning advisory group for the Young Children's Resource Center and Crisis Nursery.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas by two hardworking parents, Representative Minjarez's background is deeply rooted in the fight for social justice. From an early age, Ina and her sister were taught that hard work and education were the keys to opportunity. She was awarded several academic scholarships to attend the University of Notre Dame. It was there that she began writing about her passion for resolving social inequities as well as traveling to serve the underprivileged and oppressed in between her class schedule. She gained valuable field experience picking crops with migrant workers and interning in the office of an El Paso attorney, assisting migrants and refugees file for legal residency.

After graduation, Ina attended St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio. As a legal student, she interned with the Bexar County Criminal District Court Administration, creating a pathway to her successful career prosecuting defendants charged with crimes against children. After graduating law school, Ina opened her own private practice; representing children who were victims of abuse and neglect in the Child Protective Service system. She has also represented workers in employment law disputes and on-the-job injuries.

She is married to her husband Leo Gomez who she has two wonderful step children with---Manuel and April Gomez. In her free time, Ina enjoys running marathons and spending time with their three dogs, Pinot, Pepe, and Lily.

La Representante Ina Minjarez fue elegida para trabajar para los electores del Distrito 124 de Texas después de una rápida elección especial en abril de 2015. Durante sus 30 días en el Capitolio, Ina consiguió muchos logros para las familias trabajadoras de Texas. Si bien no llegó a redactar legislación, aportó importantes votos decisivos en los Comités de Transporte y Asuntos del Estado de la Cámara, ayudando a bloquear proyectos de ley malos y a aprobar los buenos.

Para fines de la Sesión Legislativa nro. 84, Ina había sido autora conjunta de 17 proyectos de ley, coautora de 45 proyectos de ley, había patrocinado o copatrocinado 8 proyectos de ley y el gobernador convirtió 6 de esos proyectos en leyes. Durante la sesión interina, Joe Strauss, orador de la Cámara de Representantes, la designó para trabajar en un Comité Federal de Medio Ambiente de la Cámara de Representantes.

Ina nació y fue criada en El Paso, Texas, por padres trabajadores con arraigadas ideas sobre justicia social. Desde muy temprana edad, Ina y su hermana aprendieron que el arduo trabajo y la educación les abrirían las puertas a las oportunidades. Ina recibió varias becas para asistir a la Universidad de Notre Dame, donde escribió sobre temas de justicia social y viajó para servir a los necesitados y a los oprimidos. También cosechó cultivos con trabajadores inmigrantes y fue pasante en el bufete de un abogado de El Paso que ayudaba a inmigrantes y refugiados a solicitar la residencia legal.

Después de graduarse, Ina asistió a la Facultad de Derecho St. Mary en San Antonio. Durante sus estudios, fue pasante en la administración del tribunal de distrito penal del condado de Bexar. Tuvo una exitosa carrera procesando demandados acusados de delitos contra niños. Ina también ha representado a trabajadores en conflictos de legislación laboral y lesiones en el trabajo. En la actualidad, el estudio jurídico de Ina sigue prosperando y se ha concentrado en ayudar a pequeñas empresas con contratos y a representar familias en otros temas legales.

Hace poco se casó con Leo Gomez. En su tiempo libre, a Ina le gusta correr maratones y pasar tiempo con sus dos perros: Pinot y Pepe.


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