House Representative

Zwiener, Erin


Representative Zwiener’s Nature-Based Infrastructure Bill Passes House

Driftwood, TX — On Wednesday, Representative Zwiener’s (Driftwood) House Bill 2350 passed the
Texas House of Representatives.

“I’m glad that my colleagues agree that nature-based infrastructure is a critical tool for mitigating flooding,”
said Rep. Zwiener. “In addition, nature-based infrastructure can also assist with aquifer recharge, water
purification, outdoor recreational space, and reducing heat islands. HB 2350 will help communities to
develop and fund locally directed projects that fit their needs.”

HB 2350: Nature-Based Infrastructure. This legislation incentivizes nature-based infrastructure projects
through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Communities seeking loans for wastewater system upgrades
can access additional funds for projects such as rain gardens, wetlands, and other projects that slow storm
waters and allow them to percolate into aquifers or be taken up by plants rather than running off surfaces and
contributing to flooding. These projects would be funded through the Green Projects Reserve, a pass-through
federal grant program administered by the Texas Water Development Board. Although nature-based
infrastructure can help reduce the impact of flooding and increase groundwater supply, it has not been widely
adopted throughout the state.