House Representative

Lopez, Ray


Representative Ray Lopez Passes His First Two Bills Out of the House In Record Time

Austin, Texas - Having held office for only seven weeks, Representative Ray Lopez passed his first two bills through the House of Representatives in record time. On average, only 20% of all bills filed during a legislative session pass through the House to be considered by the Senate. Despite being the newest member of the Texas House, Representative Lopez accomplished this goal in less than two months.

"I'm happy that I was able to pass these bills, benefiting my constituents in House District 125 and working families across Texas," said Representative Lopez. "My short time here this session has offered me invaluable experience on the legislative process."

On April 23rd, Representative Lopez received unanimous support from his peers and successfully suspended the House rules, filing seven original pieces of legislation. He is the first representative in Texas history to enter the legislature on a special election, following the bill filing deadline, to suspend House rules and successfully pass a bill through the House chamber.

House Bill 4753 will commission a study that will look at the relationship between the rising costs of childcare and family household income that has led to the creation of Childcare Deserts around our state. House Bill 4754 will analyze the number of active cases on Texas parole officers' caseloads, which are alleged to be in contradiction with mandated standards set during the 80th legislature. These bills will provide essential, detailed data that will inform the legislature and help construct meaningful legislation in future sessions.

With the end of session only a week and a half away, Representative Lopez was honored to have achieved such a milestone during his short time in Austin. However, he understands that there is much more work to be done and is eager to keep up the pace when he returns to San Antonio.