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González, Mary


Rep. Mary González Authors Two Amendments to Reform Special Education

AUSTIN - Every child with a disability deserves appropriate access to special education services that meet their unique needs. In Texas, that has not been the reality for our public school system. Today, Rep. González authored two amendments to House Bill 3, Chairman Huberty’s school finance bill, and both were successfully passed; these two amendments will greatly improve our state’s special education services.

“Through House Bill 3, we are reshaping our school finance system in Texas - we are increasing the basic allotment at a historic rate, more efficiently directing funding for compensatory education, and increasing weights for bilingual education,” said Rep. Mary González. “Now I am proud to say, that in addition, we are providing the much needed supports for students with disabilities.”

The first amendment increases the special education weight from 1.1 to 1.15, ensuring that more funding is put into providing students with special education resources. We are also now guaranteeing that our state provides maintenance of financial support for special education so that students have a baseline level of resources being provided to them.

Over the last two years, Texas has been found to be in violation of federal law in the identification of students with disabilities. Further, just this past November, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the State of Texas for spending $33.3 million less on students with disabilities in 2012 than previous years.

Contact: Caroline Plapinger