House Representative

Bell, Cecil



AUSTIN – Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott vetoed fifty bills that were passed by the Legislature during the 85th Session. All of Representative Bell's legislation, that made it to the governor's desk, will become law. "I am really proud of the work I did this Session," says Cecil Bell. " It is always an honor to pass legislation that benefits House District 3 and the Lone Star State." Below are some of our most significant bills that will become law:

With over 32,000 available IT and computer related jobs, HB 136 will create a pathway for success in the TEA Mission and address the need for these skilled workers in Texas arising from some students not being prepared to enter the workforce after graduation.

Under current law, disabled veterans receive a property tax exemption if their home is fully donated by a charitable organization. HB 150 closes a gap by allowing for the tax exemption when the home is partially donated too. This tax exemption for disabled veterans could mean living in a home adapted and fit for the veteran's specific injuries and not receiving tax burden that could result in the loss of the home.

HB 297 designates January 9th as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in Texas and allows the Day to be observed in public schools. It will honor the service and bravery of the women and men of law enforcement.

Application fees for bingo licenses or worker registrations can be costly to authorized organizations such as charities, non-profits, or volunteer organizations that are currently unable to recover these fees. HB 446 provides the Texas Lottery Commission the statutory authority to refund these fees if the application is denied or withdrawn.

HB 1794 requires the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to establish a work group on mental health access for first responders to develop and make recommendations for improving access to mental health care services for the brave individuals who serve as law enforcement officials, firefighters, and emergency medical service providers and personnel.

HB 1642 and HB 3934 ensure efficiency and best practices for HHSC while protecting public health and giving Texas the best opportunity to provide for the most vulnerable.

The input given from the constituents of House District 3, stakeholders, and the community as a whole was crucial in making sure excellent legislation was passed. "I am really thankful for the constituents of HD 3 that provided feedback this Session," states Rep. Bell, Jr. "I am looking forward to representing HD 3 again during the Special Session coming in July, 2017."

State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr., is currently serving his third term in the Texas Legislature. District 3 encompasses Montgomery and Waller County.