House Representative

Howard, Donna


Rep. Donna Howard Amendment Will Help to Support State-Employed Veterans

Permits Agency Policies to Approve Leave for Veterans' Medical Treatment

AUSTIN - Following today's vote by the Texas House to finally approve Senate Bill 73, Representative Donna Howard released the following statement on the adoption of her amendment to the bill:

"This afternoon on the House Floor, I was grateful for the passage of Senate Bill 73, which includes my amendment allowing state agencies to adopt policies regarding leave for veterans obtaining medical or mental health care, including physical rehabilitation.

"Due to the complex nature of their injuries and the fact that many services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs require a trip to a regional V.A. hospital, disabled veterans often require more time off than the average employee.

"This important matter was brought to my attention by a constituent, and my amendment will ensure that state-employed veterans are able to take an appropriate amount of leave to ensure they receive the health care they need. I look forward to the Senate's concurrence with the House amendments on Senate Bill 73, and to the bill's swift signature into law."

CONTACT: Scott M. Daigle