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Howard, Donna


Rep. Donna Howard Casts Vote for Fiscal Responsibility and Against SJR 5

Austin Lawmaker Points to Fuzzy Math in Cumulative House Proposals

AUSTIN - Following her vote against the House Committee Substitute to SJR 5, a Constitutional Amendment which would direct upwards of $3.6 billion per year from the state sales tax toward the State Highway Fund, State Representative Donna Howard issued the following statement:

"Like the rest of my colleagues in the House, I am committed to increasing the funding for our roads and transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, the proposal brought before us today limits our ability to respond to future economic challenges, and provides too few answers with regard to where these dollars will be coming from.

"At a time when diminished oil prices threaten the future growth of our economy, and in a week where we have already voted to reduce sales tax and franchise tax revenue while rightfully limiting our ability to use General Revenue Dedicated (GR-D) funds for certification, SJR 5 seems to be a display of well-intentioned but ill-conceived promises that steer us onto a path of fiscal irresponsibility."

Rep. Howard's remarks on the House floor included a reference to the ongoing school finance lawsuit and the potential costs of a finding against the state, as well as the recent report from the Perryman Group which forecasts slowed economic growth for Texas.