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Shaheen, Matt


State Representative Matt Shaheen Stands Up for the Rights of Texans with HB2687

AUSTIN, TX—Standing up for the rights of Texans, State Representative Matt Shaheen (Collin
County) filed a bill mandating a Class A misdemeanor for federal officials who engage in official
oppression against Texas citizens. HB 2687 applies existing rules regarding abuse of office by a state
public servant to federal officials in Texas. Speaking in support of his bill, Representative Shaheen
told constituents, “This legislation will prevent any potential abuses of office by federal officials in Texas.” The bill will also
resemble existing state law by applying to federal contractors. The bill is expected to be referred to
the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, on which State Representative Shaheen serves as a

Christopher Paxton
Chief of Staff
Rep. Matt Shaheen
Texas House District 66