House Representative

Nevárez, Poncho


Budget Announcement

AUSTIN –As members of the Texas House deliberate about the budget this session, there are several things on their minds. First, is the fact that the Texas Legislature has 101.4 billion in general revenue for the 2014-2015 budget, which also includes an 8.8 billion surplus. In addition, the Rainy Day Fund has been projected to grow to 11.8 billion. Representative Poncho Nevárez would like to see the budget address major cuts that were made last biennium. "Public education and Medicaid are in dire need for funds due to the 5.4 billion cuts in public education and almost 5 billion left unpaid to Medicaid last session," stated Nevárez. "While funding public education to cover enrollment growth is essential, we also have to think about restoring those major cuts," expressed Nevárez.

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