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Huberty, Dan


Representative Huberty Files House Bill 866 for Student Testing Relief

Austin, TX- Today, State Representative Dan Huberty filed House Bill 866, which will alleviate the overly burdensome yearly state assessment tests in elementary and middle school grade levels 3 - 8. The legislation allows high-performing students to "test out" of subsequent STAAR tests in a particular subject by performing well on the test in the third or fifth grade. Not only would this greatly reduce testing for certain students, but it would allow our educators and administrators to focus on those students who do not perform well on the tests and may require more attention.

"We need to ensure high-performing students are able to focus on learning and furthering their education, rather than spending time on tests we already know they will pass. This legislation will allow teachers to focus on the students who are behind their grade level, have test anxiety, or are not performing well on these tests, for any reason," Representative Huberty explained.

Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, states are required to test students on an annual basis. Therefore, House Bill 866 directs the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency to seek a waiver from any federal provision where a conflict may arise from the implementation of this legislation.

"I believe we can reduce testing while maintaining the highest accountability standards in the country. The purpose of testing every year is to ensure every child is learning and improving along with their grade. We do not need to be testing for the sake of testing. It is important for these tests to serve as a real gauge of our students' educational achievements and confirm that our public education system is providing every student with a great education. House Bill 866 will help us reach that goal," Representative Huberty added.

House Bill 866 is one of several pieces of education-related legislation filed by Representative Huberty for the 83rd Session. In his second term representing District 127, Huberty remains dedicated to addressing the many issues and challenges that lie ahead for his constituents and all Texans.

Maggie Irwin