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Representative Jacey Jetton Condemns FBISD Property Tax Increase 
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by: Rep. Jetton, Jacey

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – Following a tax rate vote by the Fort Bend Independent School District Board of Trustees, Representative Jacey Jetton condemns the board for the decision to raise property taxes in the midst of record high inflation and declining economy. The average family in Fort Bend ISD can expect to pay significantly more in property taxes next year if the property tax increase is not voted down this November. These property taxes are set by local entities and fund local government projects.

“In periods of high inflation, you tighten your belts and cut back on expenses, which is something every American family is doing right now,” Jetton said. “It is unacceptable for a school district that is not growing in student population to ask families to pay more in property taxes and grow the FBISD budget, when families are cutting their personal budgets to contend with rising food and fuel costs. I have had repeated meetings and calls with the FBISD Board Members and strongly encouraged them not to increase property taxes. Now it is up to the voters in November to vote no on these property tax increases.”

A Fort Bend family with a home valued at $317,580, with the homestead exemption and fortunate 10% cap on taxable valuation increase, would pay $2,841 in property taxes to FBISD. This would be an increase in about $200 from last year. This bill will not include property taxes from Fort Bend County (which would also be about $1,000 under the proposed tax rates from Fort Bend County) or property taxes from any LIDs or MUDs. FBISD is not growing in student population, but this property tax increase would give them tens of millions of dollars in increased revenue. While we should fully fund high-quality education, school boards must first find ways to cut spending and unnecessary programs before taking more money out of taxpayers’ pockets, especially when the economy is struggling, and inflation is rising.

Admitted mismanagement of funds in the past contribute to FBISD’s current deficit, as did prior years assumption that student enrollment would increase. This overspending did not result in better outcomes for students, however, as student performance in FBISD dropped last year and the district received a B rating from the state for the quality of their education. The district also received millions of dollars in federal funds to adjust to unanticipated expenses during COVID-19. It is unacceptable to place an even greater tax burden on FBISD families. To see how this property tax increase will impact you, visit

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