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87th session saw five of Rep. Carl O. Sherman’s bills signed into law 
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by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

AUSTIN – When the 87th Legislative Session came to an end this past May State Representative Carl O. Sherman had much to be thankful for at its conclusion.

Sherman authored 50 bills, co-authored 50 and joint-authored 19 when all was said and done on May 31.

“This was a busy session and like none other,” Representative Sherman said of the 87th “I am proud to have had five bills signed into law.”

Representative Sherman’s bills that made it to the governor’s desk included HB 362, which was relating to the authority of a county to require electronic bids or proposals for competitive bidding; HB 368, relating to the issuance of a driver's license to certain persons that includes an alternative to the license holder's residence address; HB 929 (Bo’s Law), relating to law enforcement policies and procedures regarding body worn cameras and HB 3212, which was relating to the inclusion of information regarding street racing in the curriculum of driver education courses and driving safety courses.

Also passed was Senator Royce West’s SB 112 (Representative Sherman’s HB 356) that was relating to the requirements of an affidavit supporting the installation and use of a mobile tracking device.

“There were 300 police reform bills filled during the 87th legislative session and only two were signed into law,” Representative Sherman said. “I am proud to say that one of those bills was mine, Bo’s Law. My hope is that in the future all members of the Texas Legislature will work in unison no matter the side of the aisle - working together for Texans to have a fair and equitable chance at creating a brighter future for all.”

Representative Sherman also championed two successful resolutions; HR 186 reaffirming the Texas Taiwanese relationship in the state and HR 278 honoring the life of former DeSoto Mayor Curistene Smith McCowan.

“As a member of the minority party there were many bills that were written by my colleagues that were not passed during the 87th session,” Representative Sherman concluded. “I am thankful the bills that I authored, co-authored and joint authored were considered and in a number of cases signed into law during this most atypical legislative session. We must always remember, the growth of our state should not be a threat to any party unless the party’s agenda is not inclusive of those citizens.”

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