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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

Bill filed will allow state to fund ISDs with budget surplus instead of property taxes

AUSTIN — Plano Representative Matt Shaheen announced today that he has filed House Bill 2074 that will help to provide long term property tax relief to Texans. H. B. 2074 will use surplus funds in the state’s budget to fund public schools instead of local property taxes.  "Every day I hear from constituents that they’re overburdened by property taxes,” Representative Shaheen said. “They want a solution that decreases that burden while protecting the quality and integrity of our local schools. This bill reverses the trend of increasing property taxes by making the state responsible for a larger portion of our schools. It puts us on the path to a workable solution.”

Representative Shaheen continues to fight for property tax reform this session, working towards solutions that still fund essentials but also lessen the burden on Texans. Representative Shaheen said, “Texans in my district have made it clear: they don’t mind paying some amount if it means quality schools for our children, but they’re tired of footing the majority of the bill. This solution will relieve their tax burden by using the state’s available surplus funds to provide a vital public good.”


Representative Shaheen is a resident of Plano and serves the citizens
of Texas House District 66 which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas.

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