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Talarico Demands Investigation into Texas Blackouts 
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by: Rep. Talarico, James

AUSTIN, TX – A severe winter storm has crippled the state of Texas and threatened the lives of its citizens. 4.4 million Texans are currently without power with no end in sight. Earlier today, Rep. Talarico (Round Rock) became one of the first state lawmakers to demand a full investigation into the Texas power blackouts.

“A state that prides itself on energy production left millions of its citizens to freeze in the dark. It’s not just incompetent; it’s criminal. The Texas Legislature must hold hearings, demand answers, and ensure this never happens again.” said Talarico. “I’ve been without power and heat for 30 hours. I just got enough cell signal to send this tweet. This is not a natural disaster—it’s years of underinvestment, deregulation, and neglect. Texas: your government failed you.”

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