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Rep. Zwiener Receives Perfect Score From Texas Sierra Club 
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by: Rep. Zwiener, Erin

Kyle, TX — State Representative Erin Zwiener (Driftwood) received a perfect score from the Texas Sierra Club for her work on the environment during the 86th Legislative Session. The Texas Sierra Club specifically cited Rep. Zwiener’s work to defeat HB 3557 and HB 3750 among her accomplishments. Rep. Zwiener is one of just five first-term legislators to receive a perfect score.

The Texas Sierra Club wrote, "We cannot say enough good things about State Rep. Erin Zwiener’s first term. Her Hill Country constituents should remember her incredible efforts going to bat for them fighting against HB 3557, and - though it failed ultimately - writing a great amendment to HB 3557 intended to protect residents protesting pipelines that go through their own land. She also is credited with killing HB 3750, a bill that would have limited cities’ ability to preserve water quality, on a point of order. When it comes to protecting the environment and its people, Rep. Zwiener gets it. There’s no fear from us she will succumb to fossil fuel special interests."

HB 3557, which passed despite fervent opposition from Rep. Zwiener and others, makes it a felony for persons to damage, vandalize, or protest on or in a critical infrastructure facility. Rep. Zwiener opposed the bill for its sizable penalties and the chilling effect it could have on free speech and assembly rights. HB 3750, which Rep. Zwiener stopped with a point of order, would have eliminated city water quality protections in their extraterritorial jurisdictions.

“Protecting our environment and preserving our wild spaces are what I’m most passionate about,” said Rep. Zwiener. “When you care deeply about something and work hard for it, it shows. I’m proud to receive a perfect score, and I look forward to championing conservation next legislative session.

The Texas Sierra Club is a non-partisan grassroots organization that works to protect open spaces, clean water, and natural resources. Their scorecard was developed by examining each legislator’s record on environmental issues including air pollution, renewable energy, water conservation, and parks funding.

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