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by: Rep. Bucy, John III

Amendment would bring $100 billion to state, provide needed healthcare to 1.3 million Texans

AUSTIN— Today the Texas House of Representatives voted against expanding Medicaid in Texas. An amendment by State Representative John H. Bucy III to H.B. 1, the House version of the budget, would have directed the Health and Human Services Commission to seek a waiver to expand Medicaid in Texas.

In response to the House's vote against his Medicaid expansion amendment, Rep. Bucy issued the below statement:

"Expanding Medicaid is something we can do right now that would fundamentally transform the lives of our fellow Texans and their families," Rep. Bucy said. "It's time to bring our tax dollars back to Texas, stop leaving billions of dollars in federal funding on the table, and ensure every man, woman, and child is able to access the healthcare they need."

Texas has the highest uninsured rate at 17.3 percent and the highest number of uninsured persons in the country at 4.8 million, according to the Kaiser family foundation. Medicaid expansion would provide nearly 1.3 million Texans with access to healthcare, bring in roughly $100 billion in federal funding to the state, and save local taxpayers $4.3 billion dollars across Texas on uncompensated care.

"Currently, one in four Texas women of reproductive age are uninsured," Rep. Bucy said. "In the past few years 19 rural hospitals have closed in Texas. More than one million Texans without health insurance experienced mental illness or a substance abuse disorder. These are just some of the millions of Texans whose lives would change forever if we expand Medicaid in Texas."

To date, 36 states and the District of Columbia have expanded Medicaid. Just last year, voters in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah voted to expand Medicaid in those states. States that have expanded Medicaid have seen a net budget savings.

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