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Representative Mary Ann Perez Addresses Concerns Regarding the Air Quality in Deer Park 
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by: Rep. Perez, Mary Ann

Deer Park, TX - This morning, Representative Perez spoke to Toby Baker, Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to address concerns and receive an update on TCEQ's findings regarding the fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC).

Representative Perez issued a statement regarding the fire and air quality in Deer Park.

“My office has received numerous complaints about how difficult it is to understand the air quality data that is being released and the lack of data online. Executive Director Baker assured me that TCEQ is going to streamline the process of delivering air quality data to the public in a manner that is easier to understand and hopes to update that data every couple of hours in order to keep people informed. Various parties are monitoring the air and their data matches that which TCEQ has released. ITC issued a press release this morning stating that the air is being monitored and ‘readings are currently well below hazardous levels.’ That being said, there is growing concern regarding the situation and my office is keeping track of the developments online. I will continue to share updates on Facebook and Twitter.”

Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management launched an air quality web page to provide residents with regular updates regarding the fire and air quality. Visit for updates. You can also sign up to receive Today’s Texas Air Quality Forecast and/or Ozone Action Day e-mail alerts for your area on the TCEQ website.

If you believe you have suffered damage or loss as a result of the incident, go to, download and fill out the appropriate claim form, and submit it with supporting documents to Businesses and residents may also call the ITCCares telephone hotline at 346-263-9766. If you wish to make an environmental complaint, call the TCEQ hotline at 888-777-3186.

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