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Representative Flynn Applauds Fort Worth For Solving Pension Problems Locally  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

Austin, TX – Today, the City of Fort Worth announced that the employees’ vote to fix the public pension plan for city, fire and police employees was successful. As the former Chairman of the Pension Committee for the House of Representatives, Chairman Flynn has worked with the city on potential state solutions. The City of Fort Worth pension plan on the previous trajectory would have run out of money in 30 years.

Chairman Flynn congratulates Mayor Betsy Price and the City on an effective public information campaign that won over the support of the public employees. The employees had to vote to increase their own contributions, as well as decrease benefits. If the employees had not approved the changes, the issue could have become dire enough that the state would need to step in and fix the issues to avoid it impacting the state’s credit rating.

“I’m proud Fort Worth was able to solve our pension problem locally in a civil, collaborative manner. The selfless leadership demonstrated throughout lengthy negotiations by all parties – employees, retirees, POA and Local440 – made finding a compromise solution possible. I’m incredibly grateful our employees voted to pass a solution that keeps our pension fund solvent, maintains a defined benefit plan and preserves benefits for our retirees, and both current and future employees.” – Mayor Betsy Price, City of Fort Worth

“It is commendable that the employees understood the gravity of the problem enough to make this tough vote,” said Chairman Flynn. “They preserved the plan for the retirees, current employees and future employees. I applaud the work of Mayor Price and the City of Fort Worth to formulate a local solution to their problem and achieve consensus. Her leadership on this issue was excellent. Other cities with pension concerns should look to the work that has been done here as a model. ”

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