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by: Rep. González, Mary

AUSTIN - Nearly every industry today is driven by applied computer science. The demand for computer science and coding skills continues to rise in the job market. There are 37,000 open jobs in computer science in Texas alone, with a median salary of $91,000 - almost double the statewide median salary. Despite the opportunities, less than 3 percent of Texas high school students took a computer science course in the 2015-16 school year.

One of the biggest challenges to expanding access to computer science is the lack of trained and certified computer science teachers to fill all the potential openings for computer science positions that exist in Texas high schools. We need to incentivize high school teachers to become certified to teach computer science in order to help fill these gaps.

To better prepare Texas' students for these jobs, Representative Mary González has filed House Bill 3069, which aims to help school districts develop the necessary talent required to teach computer science courses. This bill would create a state-level computer science certification grant program for K-8 teacher professional development in computer science, coding, programming and computational thinking.

“Over the next ten years, the technological industry will outpace the growth of virtually every other field,” said Rep. González. “Expanding the technical knowledge of our teachers will open up a breadth of economic opportunities for our state's students.”

House Bill 3069 will encourage teachers and school districts to provide technical education that will prepare students across the state to compete for and succeed in high-demand, high-wage jobs.

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