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by: Rep. González, Jessica

AUSTIN – Today, Texas State Representative Jessica González filed HB 3273, HB 3274, HB 3276, and HB 3275. These bills will help ensure Texas moves closer to living up to its promise for everyone by improving our schools and conditions for workers, including teachers and educational support staff.

HB 3273 raises Texas' minimum wage to $15 per hour. As property taxes, cost of living, and inflation take larger and larger pieces of workers’ paychecks, it is imperative that wages keep up. With the passage of HB 3273, more than 6 million Texans would receive a desperately needed raise.

HB 3274 requires that all public school employees as well as contractors and sub-contractors are paid at least $15 per hour. From school bus drivers who are entrusted with getting kids to and from school, to custodians who maintain facilities so that our children are able to learn in a safe environment, Texas must ensure these dedicated professionals are paid a living wage so they are able to focus on developing our greatest natural resource­­—our children.

HB 3276 will demonstrate the state’s commitment to our public school teachers by doubling premium assistance for active school employees. Despite years of skyrocketing health insurance premiums, Texas has not increased its assistance since it was originally set at $75 per month in 2001. This bill will help our dedicated school employees and ensure that the state is sharing this burden fairly.

HB 3275 will ensure that Texans are being compensated fairly for use of their natural resources by requiring oil and gas producers to pay for the methane gas that is burned or “flared off” during the extraction process. In addition to requiring oil and gas producers to pay for the natural resources they are using, the monies collected under this bill will further support the Permanent School Fund.

Rep. González said, “Texas has one of the most vibrant economies in the world, and it is long past time all workers are able to share that prosperity.”

González continued, “This session, my focus is to do all I can to improve the daily lives of hardworking Texans like those in my district. For too long, too many people have lacked a voice in the halls of power in this state. Through the bills I file and the legislation I support, I will make sure that the people of HD 104 are heard.”

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