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Representative Uresti Lays Out "Hands-Free" Bill  print page

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Austin, Texas – On Thursday, Representative Uresti laid out House Bill 117 before the House Transportation Committee, which would create a statewide "hands-free" driving law for hand-held device usage.

"We would like to have statewide hands-free", testified Sgt. James Jones of San Antonio Police Department. Other police departments, disability advocates, and private citizens also came up to offer support for HB 117 and oppose HB 171, which would eliminate local hands-free ordinances.

Steve Abrams, who lost a grandson to a distracted driver, delivered emotional testimony, "My grandson was killed. A 17-year-old was driving, he dropped his phone, and hit my grandson at 45 miles-per-hour. He was on the sidewalk waiting for the ice cream man before he went to Boy Scouts. He was 6-years-old," adding "we need a statewide bill."

"Current law says it's just fine to get on Twitter or Instagram while you're driving," Representative Uresti said, “Hand-held devices are leading to over 450 road fatalities per year in Texas alone. Let's pass a uniform, statewide law to save those lives.”

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