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Representative Darby files Special Session Legislation addressing Teacher Retirement System, teacher pay and property taxes  print page

by: Rep. Darby, Drew

AUSTIN - Today, Representative Drew Darby filed nine bills that address the Teacher Retirement System, teacher pay, property taxes and others to be debated during the upcoming Special Session of the Texas Legislature. Governor Abbott issued the proclamation declaring the 30-day session to begin July 18th to reauthorize certain licensing agencies but has said he would add to that proclamation with 19 other items including school finance, teacher pay, property taxes and municipal ordinances. Read the full list here.

"I have heard from many school teachers and property owners in this short interim that are mad and demanding real solutions to their concerns," said Rep. Darby. "The Governor told us to make it count and we need to work together to address school finance and real property tax relief."

These bills include:
• House Bill 75 transferring and directing half of the unspent balance of the state general revenue to the property tax relief fund to lower school property taxes.
• House Bill 76 lowering Teacher Retirement System retiree health care premiums.
• House Bill 77 prohibiting the taking of a portion of land by a municipality in order to develop the remaining property without reasonable alternatives.
• House Bill 78 prohibiting the Legislature from doubling down on the Robin Hood school finance system by relying on 14% local property tax growth to balance the State's obligation to fund schools.
• House Bill 79 increasing average teacher pay by $1,000 as called for by Governor Abbott with an increase in State appropriations to cover school district cost.
• House Bill 80 providing a cost-of-living adjustment to Texas retired teachers to help them afford increasing health insurance premiums.
• House Bill 81 lowering the number of required voters necessary to force an election challenging city, county and special districts adopted tax rate.
• House Bill 82 abolishing school district maintenance and operations property taxes by 2020, forcing the Legislature to implement a new way to fund schools for the 2020-21 school year.
• House Joint Resolution 21 is the necessary Texas Constitutional amendment abolishing school maintenance and operations property taxes.

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