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Minimum Wage Needs to Rise in Texas  print page

by: Rep.

The minimum wage needs to rise to a level that affords Texans who work full-time a fair shot at being able to support families," Representative Roberto R. Alonzo said today during a news conference to discuss minimum wage legislation. Rep. Alonzo said " he believes the $7.25 minimum hourly wage that applies in Texas does not meet the most basic definition of fairness."

“Paying wages that mire hard workers deep in poverty is wrong,” said Rep. Alonzo. “We can do better.”

House Bill (HB) 285 by Rep. Alonzo would raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. “Decent increases in the minimum wage were once a bipartisan goal across the nation. Texas is now in the minority of states that have allowed the minimum wage to lag the ability to support a family, much less rent a basic apartment affordably.”

“The Legislature needs to give Texans at the very bottom of the pay scale a first step toward prosperity. If we do not, employers in our state will likely pay a far higher price down the road," states Rep. Alonzo.

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