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State Representative Diana Arévalo of House District 116 Addresses fellow House Members on SB 4 "Sanctuary Cities" Bill  print page

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Austin, Texas- On Wednesday April 26th, while activists took over the Capitol in opposition to SB 4, Representative Arévalo fought furiously against the bill from the floor of the House of Representatives for over 16 hours.

The Texas House of Representatives gave final approval to the bill to ban so-called sanctuary cities, but not before Representative Arévalo addressed fellow members, “Now I know our districts are very, very different, and we all represent all walks of life, but the truth is we are all immigrants.” Quoting Emiliano Zapata she went on to say, "The people that I represent and those that have elected me have always wanted a fighter, because you see, House District 116 lives by only one mantra that we all know is true, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees."

Both the House and the Senate versions of the bill would ban cities, counties, and universities, from prohibiting law enforcement officers from asking about a person’s immigration status or enforcing immigration law. Opponents to the bill are worried these arduous measures will discourage victims or witnesses of crimes from coming forward and reporting the crimes because of fear of reprisal due to their immigration status.

Representative Arévalo was one of the final House members to speak in opposition to the bill stating, “You are hurting families like mine. You are tearing them apart. I will not yield and I will not submit. We will continue to fight!”

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