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State Representative Philip Cortez secures funding for Career and Technology Education for all 8th graders 
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by: Rep. Cortez, Philip

During the 85th legislative session, Rep. Philip Cortez authored House Bill 1245 which expands Career and Technology Education classes to 8th grade students across the state.

Career and Technology Education programs have continually demonstrated their capability of preparing students for future careers in a variety of sectors. Students are acquiring several types of qualifications before they even graduate from high school.

CTE programs give students the exposure to practical training of their chosen field and application in real world sector jobs. Public high schools throughout the state partner with business and community stakeholders to facilitate internships, practicums and apprenticeships. Students are given the opportunity to build knowledge, experience and networking opportunities in preparation for a technological or technical career after graduation.

The ability for 8th graders to participate in CTE programs is essential for the success of many students. 8th graders can take introductory courses and prepare to focus their studies once they get to high school. With the introductory courses complete before high school, students can obtain more certifications and higher level practicums later in their studies.

"The goal of HB 1245 fills the needs for high-skilled technical positions. The funding for CTE expansion to 8th graders has been included in HB 21, the comprehensive Public Education funding bill. Chairman Dan Huberty has made a clear and decisive commitment to public schools and public school students," said Rep. Cortez.

This funding was made possible through the leadership of the Public Education committee Chairman Dan Huberty, whose efforts helped ensure these courses are available to aspiring students.

"Specialized courses are becoming more prevalent in Texas schools, and they echo the need for students to be exposed as early as possible to different paths toward college and career readiness. Allowing school districts to access funding for students who take these classes earlier serves as symbol that Texas recognizes the needs of both our students and our economy," said Chairman Huberty.

Full funding for the expansion of Career and Technology Education to all 8th graders at $100 million was included in HB 21, which was passed today by the House of Representatives.

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