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by: Rep. Springer, Drew

Austin, TX--On Tuesday, Representative Drew Springer took his oath of office as the State Representative for House District 68. This will be Rep. Springer's third term serving as a legislator.

When asked about the 85th Legislative Session Rep. Springer stated, "I am looking forward to the debates that will occur over the next 140 days, and as always, I am honored to fight for the rights of the rural citizens of HD 68!"

Rep. Springer has a history of filing bills focused on promoting rural values and fighting for conservative principles. This session is no exception. In an effort to correct local issues and protect smaller cities, Rep. Springer filed HB 207, a bill focused on ensuring that smaller cities have the same rights as larger cities when it comes to setting sex offender restrictions. Additionally, Rep. Springer filed HCR 32, a bill that would make the Bowie Knife the Official Knife of the State of Texas in an effort to promote rural values and economic tourism. The representative is also passionate about stopping federal government overreach which is why he filed HCR 30 against the federal government to prevent rural Texas land from being taken by the Bureau of Land Management. Rep. Springer is expected to file additional legislation focusing on the above themes.

During the 85th Session, bills will pass through filing, committees, and finally, voting on the floor to determine the outlook of Texas for the next two years. Session will continue through the 29th of May. Sign up to receive Session updates by sending an email to

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