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State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson Passes Local Provider Participation Program For McLennan County 
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by: Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Austin, Texas – Representative Charles "Doc" Anderson hailed the final passage of legislation that would create a Local Provider Participation Program for McLennan County. Governor Abbott singed HB 2809 into law last week.

In 2011, Texas pursued a Health Care Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Medicaid Section 1115 Waiver (Waiver) at the direction of the Texas Legislature. The Waiver empowers local communities to transform the delivery of health care by establishing local projects tailored to meet communities’ unique health care needs. However, the Waiver requires local government funds to support Waiver payments. As such, communities without hospital districts are disadvantaged because they lack a mechanism to generate funds for Intergovernmental Transfers (IGT) to draw down federal dollars.

McLennan County hospitals provide a tremendous amount of uncompensated care, but McLennan County does not have a hospital district to IGT for federal funds. A Local Provider Participation Fund (LPPF) in McLennan County would allow local providers to access more funds under the Waiver and would help ensure access to care and reduce the level of uncompensated care in this community.

"I was very pleased with the passage of House Bill 2809, because it is a win-win supported by all parties." Rep. Anderson stated. "This legislation will help pay for uncompensated hospital care, which has become an increasingly burdensome problem for hospitals, without raising taxes."

The Local Provider Participation Fund will provide the opportunity to solve local problems a local solution, without burdening local tax payers or requiring state general revenue.

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