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Texas House Passes Comprehensive Border Security Plan 
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by: Rep. VanDeaver, Gary

AUSTIN—The Texas House of Representatives has approved a comprehensive border security plan. House Bill 11, which passed the House on March 19, authorizes the hiring of 300 state troopers for operations along the Texas border, makes it illegal to induce a person to enter the country illegally and toughens anti-smuggling laws. It also creates the “Texas Transnational Crime Intelligence Center” to share intelligence among state and local law enforcement agencies.

Rep. Gary VanDeaver (New Boston) is a co-author of the legislation and applauded its passage in the House. “This bill sets forth a comprehensive, long-term plan to improve security along the Texas border. While the federal government has failed to address the border crisis, Texas is taking important steps to protect the safety of our families and communities,” said Rep. VanDeaver.

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