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VanDeaver Files Legislation for Bowie County medical fund 
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by: Rep. VanDeaver, Gary

AUSTIN—In partnership with the Bowie County Commissioner’s Court, Rep. Gary VanDeaver has filed House Bill 2280, which would allow Bowie County to take advantage of matching funds for indigent medical care. While many Texas counties already receive this benefit, Bowie County requires a change in state law to share the opportunity.

The legislation has received unanimous support from local hospitals, Bowie County Judge James Carlow, and the Bowie County Commissioner’s Court.

The bill would create a provision in state law to allow Bowie County the local option to establish a Local Provider Payment Fund (LPPF), which would reimburse hospitals for indigent medical care. While the county would administer the fund, it would not require any taxpayer money. The fund would receive payments from local hospitals and allow Bowie County the opportunity to receive matching funds for indigent medical care, which are currently unavailable.

“This bill is responsible for taxpayers and promotes local control. Judge Carlow and Bowie County Commissioners have shown effective leadership on this issue, and I am glad to partner with them and our local medical leaders to improve indigent patient care and reduce its financial burden on our local community,” explained Rep. VanDeaver.

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