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VanDeaver Files Legislation to Protect Student Privacy 
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by: Rep. VanDeaver, Gary

AUSTIN— Rep. Gary VanDeaver has filed House Bill 2156, which aims to protect the privacy and personal information of students in Texas public schools.

The bill has received support from several school groups, including the Texas Association of School Boards, as well as the Software and Industry Information Association, which represents more than 800 software and digital information companies worldwide support this measure.

Echoing industry concerns, Rep. VanDeaver said, “it is critical that schools and school service providers build trust by effectively protecting the privacy of student information and communicating with parents about how student information is used and protected.”

The legislation reflects a nationwide pledge by school service providers to safeguard student privacy. The pledge, which currently includes 120 service providers, commits to:

• Not sell student information;
• Not behaviorally target advertising;
• Use data for authorized education purposes only;
• Not change privacy policies without notice and choice;
• Enforce strict limits on data retention;
• Support parental access to, and correction of errors in, their children’s information;
• Provide comprehensive security standards; and,
• Be transparent about the collection and use of data.

“As a former superintendent, but more importantly as a parent, I believe we have a responsibility to protect our children and their personal information. House Bill 2156 ensures that any service provider operating in a Texas public school respects this commitment to Texas parents and students,” said Rep. VanDeaver.

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