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by: Rep. Frank, James

State Representative James Frank has been chosen to serve on both the Natural Resources Committee as well as the Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee. Additionally, he has been appointed Vice-Chair of Defense and Veterans' Affairs by the Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus.

Frank's appointment to the Natural Resources Committee, which handles all water legislation in Texas, is of particular interest to District 69 as it is one of the regions in the state most affected by the current drought. Because of this, Rep Frank has spent much of the interim session working on water availability and usage issues in his district.

"Water is far and away the number one issue in my district, so I appreciate Speaker Straus giving me the opportunity to serve on the Natural Resources Committee," Rep Frank said. "Water is a critical short-term as well as long-term issue of the state and our region. It is important that the Texas Legislature continue to intelligently address this issue before it negatively impact every other area of life for Texans - education, jobs, taxes, and healthcare."

Rep Frank is also honored to be named Vice-Chair of the Defense and Veterans' Affairs Committee. The committee is responsible for legislative issues involving military bases, defense-related economic development in Texas, and the various programs and services for the military and veteran population in Texas. District 69 is home to Sheppard Air Force Base, which has over 15,000 active personnel.

"I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to be Vice-Chair and to serve on this committee again," Rep Frank said. "It is an honor to work to support those who have served us so faithfully."

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