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Huberty Reassigned to State Affairs and Public Education; Adds Calendars Committee 
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by: Rep. Huberty, Dan

Austin - State Representative Dan Huberty has been reassigned to serve on the House Public Education and State Affairs committees, and was newly appointed to the procedural Calendars committee for the 84th Legislative Session. Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus, announced committee assignments for all members Wednesday afternoon.

Huberty was very pleased to hear about his reassignment to the Public Education committee saying, "Having served on this committee for the past two sessions, I feel I have garnered a keen understanding of the issues Texas faces in public education. We have affectively addressed many of these and I look forward to making further progress for Texas students. I am glad to be a voice for the education community."
Similarly, Huberty was thrilled with his reappointment to the State Affairs committee. "Even after two sessions on State Affairs, it is still truly an honor to be selected to serve on this prestigious committee. We cover such a vast spectrum of issues that it allows us to affect change in all areas of the state, for each and every Texan."

His assignment to the Calendars committee will allow Huberty to play a much larger role in the business of the Texas House. According to the Rules, the Calendars committee "shall have jurisdiction over: the placement of bills and resolutions on appropriate calendars, except those within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Rules and Resolutions; the determination of priorities and proposal of rules for floor consideration of such bills and resolutions; and all other matters concerning the calendar system and the expediting of the business of the house as may be assigned by the speaker."

"These assignments place me in the company of some great members and I am looking forward to working with them over the next 117 days. I will work to do what is best for the State of Texas and House District 127, in particular," stated Huberty.

Speaker Straus also made comments about the appointments saying, “These assignments reflect the makeup of the House. They also reflect a collaborative and results-oriented culture that has worked very well in recent years. The House is a place that encourages Members to find common ground and build consensus around serious solutions.” Committees will begin meeting next week. According to the Texas Constitution, the House cannot consider legislation during the session’s first 60 days unless that legislation relates to an emergency item designated by the Governor.

“Our committee structure allows every Member to play a meaningful role in the House’s work,” Speaker Straus said. “I look forward to working with all Members to address the challenges and opportunities facing our state.”

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