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Rep. Thompson Announces Progress of District 29 Advisory Councils 
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by: Rep. Thompson, Ed

Councils meet to discuss local and state challenges

PEARLAND, Texas: State Representative Ed Thompson announced today the progress of his District 29 Advisory Councils that were created in September of last year. These councils consist of men and women in the community who have relevant knowledge and interest in a variety of issues, as well as tangible ideas on how to potentially reform state government.

"The people of District 29 need a venue for their voices to be heard," Thompson stated. "These folks have the best insight on how to address the challenges their community faces, and they should be able to share those ideas with their state government."

Members of these councils either submitted interest or were recommended to Representative Thompson and appointed based on experience and interest level in the following topics: education, business and commerce, local governance and water, transportation, health and human services, insurance, and law enforcement. "Members of the advisory councils are busy discussing potential changes that many Texans hopes to see next session," said Thompson. The six councils listed below have met and begun dialogues on the corresponding topics:

• Education Council - Transportation funding, excessive time and resources dedicated to reporting, how to accommodate testing for different types of learners;
• Business & Commerce Council – Franchise tax modifications, implications of new toll road funding, vehicle taxes;
• Local Governance and Water Council - Issues with title transfer requests at the DMV, potential reuse and conservation methods, examples of successful water systems in other states and countries;
• Transportation Council - Problems with funding expanded transportation needs, alternative financing ideas, how to address the population growth accordingly (i.e., rail systems, Metro);
• Health & Human Services Council - Challenges with Medicaid funding, HCS waivers and the importance of early enrollment, waiting lists (wait for long term support services may be 10 years), the lack of information/education given to parents by providers;
• Insurance Council - How the Affordable Care Act has affected the insurance environment, increasing Homeowner’s insurance premiums and flood insurance premiums.

As the state prepares for the 84th Legislature in January of 2015, the District 29 Advisory Councils will continue to confer and will ultimately provide their findings, suggestions, and recommendations to Representative Thompson to bring to Austin.

"I am thrilled to be able to hear positive insight from our community's sharpest minds on ways to improve state government," Thompson reflected. “I look forward to the continuing discussions in District 29, as well as translating the councils’ findings to legislation next session, if a statewide fix is necessary.”

Thompson invites all constituents interested in participating in an advisory council to call or email him at (281) 485-6565 or

Representative Ed Thompson serves the 29th District in the Texas House of Representatives representing Pearland, Manvel, Alvin, Brookside Village, Iowa Colony, Hillcrest, Rosharon, and Liverpool. Thompson serves on the House Committees on Special Purpose Districts and Environmental Regulation. A graduate of the University of Houston with a BBA in Finance, Ed and his wife Freddie live in Pearland where Ed is an insurance agent.

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