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Price Joint Authors Pro-Public Education Bills
Supports Passage of Education Reform Bill in House  print page

by: Rep. Price, Four

Austin, TX --- In his ongoing efforts to press for meaningful public education reforms, State Representative Four Price joint authored and coauthored significant bills to improve the state's current approach to the education our students receive. Additionally, Price joint authored a bill that supports supplemental pay for our retired teachers.

Price coauthored House Bill 5, the state's major public education reform bill, which passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday with a 145-2 vote. The measure, authored by House Public Education Committee Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock, proposes to reduce the number of standardized tests required for graduation, provides for additional graduation pathways for high school students, and reforms school accountability measurements. The bill will now head to the Senate.

"The passage of House Bill 5 was a major step in the right direction for our public education system, and I am honored to have been a part of the process here in the House," Price said.

Price also stressed the need for continued legislative attention to revising state testing requirements. He joint authored House Bill 224 by Representative Dan Huberty, which would reduce the emphasis placed on high stakes testing by eliminating a requirement that end-of-course assessments count for 15 percent of a student’s grade.

"As a parent of public school students, and having heard the concerns of many other parents, I understand the critical need to change the way end-of-course exams are factored into a student's grade point average," Price said. "I support House Bill 224 because it strikes a common sense balance between the education our children receive and the accountability demanded of our professional educators."

Price also joint authored House Bill 103 by Representative Larry Gonzales to potentially provide for supplemental pay to retired public school teachers when the Teacher Retirement System pension fund meets certain conditions. When it comes to the Teacher Retirement System, Price emphasized the need to support the retired schoolteachers who have done so much good to help educate our students and our current workforce.

“I am proud to stand behind our public education system on these fronts – in support of our students, as well as our current and retired teachers,” Price said. “As a coauthor of House Bill 5, and a joint author of House Bills 103 and 224, I look forward to working with these great leaders in education policy – Representatives Jimmie Don Aycock, Larry Gonzales and Dan Huberty – in advocating for the final passage of these great bills."

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