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Rep. Alonzo Joins the Chorus Applauding the Latest School Finance  print page

by: Rep. Alonzo, Roberto R.

Rep. Alonzo Joins the Chorus Applauding the Latest School Finance Court Ruling by Judge Dietz; Calls it a Great Day For ALL Texas Children

~ ALL Texas Children, Teachers, & Hard-working Texans Will Stand to Benefit from Ruling ~

AUSTIN, TX - Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo of Dallas issued the following statement regarding the latest court ruling by 250th District Court Judge John K. Dietz on the constitutionality of the way Texas distributes funds for its public schools across the state, calling it a great day for all Texas children.

"What a great day for Texas children today after district Judge Dietz latest court ruling cemented what we have known for decades. The State of Texas is not meeting is constitutional requirements in providing an equitable and adequate education for our children, and it is incumbent upon all of us as policymakers - regardless of party affiliation or labels - to do something about it now," said Rep. Alonzo.

"We must address this whole school finance issue once and for all - for the sake of all our children - and remedy the persistent inequities that have existed for decades in the way public schools are funded in this state based on zip codes and geographic regions of the state. There has been enough of the back-and-forth passing of the buck and finger-pointing among policymakers, zip codes, and rich versus poor communities,. It is time to sit down and have some serious discussions with all parties involved and make sure our children receive the best quality education second to none; one they all deserve regardless of where they live or what their family income may be. Our children cannot continue to suffer as this continues to lag" continued Rep. Alonzo.

In his court ruling, Judge Dietz declared that: the state's school finance system violates "the efficiency" provisions of Article VII of the Texas Constitution in that it fails to provide substantially equal access to revenues necessary to provide a general diffusion of knowledge; the school finance system is not adequately funded and therefore fails to make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of the system in violation of Article VII of the Constitution; it has created a state ad valorem tax in violation of Article VIII of the Constitution; and it does not violate Article VII, the equal and uniform tax provision of the Constitution.

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