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Representative Jessica Farrar: Statement on HB 603  print page

by: Rep. Farrar, Jessica

AUSTIN, TX -- State Representative Jessica C. Farrar (Houston) is the author of House Bill 603, legislation which forbids a peace officer from inquiring as to the nationality or immigration status of a crime victim or witness. Representative Farrar released the following statement on the justification for HB 603:

Current practices in Houston are based on time-tested principles of "community policing," where residents, business owners, and others in the community cooperate with police and sheriff's departments to report crimes and bring criminals to justice. In certain neighborhoods, this network necessarily includes residents who are undocumented. If the Texas Legislature decides to make a statement in the immigration debate--and does so in a manner that makes other crimes harder to investigate--the people of Texas will want to know why the Legislature sacrificed their safety for a chance to play politics.

HB 603 was filed on January 12, 2011 and is awaiting referral to a standing committee of the Texas House of Representatives for further consideration.

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