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by: Rep. Farrar, Jessica

Please see the below statement from Rep. Farrar on the recently released Census numbers:

Austin, TX-- "This Census data shows what lawmakers have known for generations. Whether you are a Texan by birth or you 'got here as soon as you could,' Texas is a destination state that more and more people are proud to call home."

These new Texas families should not only be welcomed, but also be made to be an active part of our society. Texas must prop up the public schools, colleges, and universities. To ensure a prosperous future, the Legislature must ensure that every new Texan has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

With the new Census data, Texans deserve an open and honest redistricting process that ensures that their votes count. The outcome of district boundaries should reflect the demographic growth and shifts in a way that maximizes the votes of every Texan.

Furthermore, I urge the Legislature to have an open and transparent process so that the public best understands the implications that will come forth.

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