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by: Rep. Craddick, Tom

(Atlanta, Georgia) - Representative Tom Craddick (Midland, Texas), has been officially named the 2010 National Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council Board of Directors. The announcement was made at the 2009 American Legislative Exchange Council’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

"I'm honored that the members of ALEC have named me national chairman," Craddick said. "Speaker Howell has done a tremendous job and is to be commended for his continued leadership and service as ALEC's national chairman. Like him, I am committed to uphold ALEC's mission and vision of limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty as the association aims at impacting legislation across the nation."

Craddick is a long-time member of ALEC and has served as the first vice chairman and the national secretary of the executive board of directors. Since becoming a member of the executive board of directors in 2004, he has crafted model legislation, much of which has gone on to influence laws in Texas. ALEC has seen a dramatic rise in membership recruitment in Texas, due in large part to Craddick's efforts, making it one of ALEC's strongest states.

"Tom Craddick's record of leadership and accomplishment in Texas in protecting taxpayers, providing choices and working to limit the size of government is legendary and we look forward to his tenure as our 2010 National Chairman,” stated Alan B. Smith, ALEC executive director.

In 2008, Craddick received the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) William J. Raggio Excellence in Leadership and Outstanding Service Award. The award is given to a leader who demonstrates a long-term commitment to serving others, while showing strong, small-government, Jeffersonian principles.

Craddick has been a member of the Texas House of Representatives since 1969. In 2003, he became the first republican speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in more than 130 years. During his tenure as speaker from January 2003 through January 2009, Craddick and the Legislature overcame a $10 billion budget shortfall, produced model ethics, insurance, tort and transportation reforms, made historic cuts in property taxes, restructured public school finance, and added urgent improvements to Texas' public schools.

Craddick is a sales representative for Mustang Mud/Newpark Resource, an oilfield supply company, he owns Craddick Properties, a Midland investment business, and he is president of Craddick, Inc. He and his wife, Nadine, have two children and two grandchildren.

The ALEC board of directors selects the national chairman at its annual meeting each summer. The chairman takes office at the States & Nation Policy Summit in December and serves for one year.

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