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by: Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc"

AUSTIN — February 22, 2005 — Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson (Waco) announced today that the State 2A Football Champion Crawford Pirates will be honored at the Capitol on Monday, February 28th.

Joining the Pirates will be the Crawford High School Cheerleaders and the Crawford High School Band. The band was honored last month by being the only high school band from Texas to perform in the Inaugural Parade of President George W. Bush.

“The credit for these great kids belongs to the parents, teachers, and coaches,” said Dr. Anderson, “but it is a great source of pride for me to have them here. Crawford, for obvious reasons, enjoys a reputation as a special place to live. I can think of no finer representation of the community than having some of its best and brightest young people come to the Capitol.”

In addition to visitors from Crawford High School, Dr. Anderson is also hosting the City of West, whose citizens and dignitaries are restoring the Capitol tradition of bringing kolaches to legislative offices.

Dr. Anderson added, “It is a true blessing for me that the district is close enough to Austin for folks to come down regularly. The Capitol is their building, and as far as I’m concerned, the more [visitors] the merrier.”

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