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Sherman, Carl Sr.


State Representative Carl O. Sherman to review current and proposed election laws of SB1 in weekend virtual Town Hall

LANCASTER – Please mark your calendar for this Saturday, August 21 when State Representative Carl O. Sherman will be hosting a town hall at 10 a.m. CST; “Texas Election Law 101.”

Constituents, media, interested Texans, and beyond will have a chance Saturday morning to listen to an informative discussion by Representative Sherman and Dallas County Elections Administrator, Michael Scarpello. In a question and answer discussion, both men will discuss and compare current laws to SB1 while educating voters from a non-partisan viewpoint.

“I want every Texan to understand and ask questions about what this election bill, SB1, is about and how it will impact voters for years to come if passed,” Sherman said. “This town hall is not for Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. It is for Texans. I want to inform the citizens so they are armed with the knowledge needed to understand the importance of defending our democracy.”

WHAT: Texas Election Law 101
WHEN: Saturday, August 21at 10 a.m. CST
Watch Live:

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