House Representative

Morales, Eddie


Statement on Quorum Break

Austin, Texas - Today, some of the Texas House members flew to Washington DC to break quorum and stop the ability for the House to vote on the new voter suppression bill, House Bill 3.

Representative Morales was one of the ones who stayed in Texas. He issued the following statement:

"As a US Citizen and a Texan, I am opposed to any unjust voting laws and will oppose measures that make voting unnecessarily difficult. I believe our current election system in Texas has room for improvement, however, we should be expanding access to voting and encouraging all legal voters to make their voice heard. This bill is an attack on our democracy and the precious right to vote.

I believe that staying to both debate and articulate my reasons for opposing the bill is the best way for me to represent my particular district. That said, I support the decisions of my colleagues who choose to fight this bill differently, using parliamentary procedures.

I have faith in the integrity of our current election process. I oppose the myth of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election and believe this bill is purely an attempt to cater to those who refuse to accept the election results. Despite this attempt to make voting unnecessarily difficult, the ultimate recourse to this bill or any other bill will be the voters' decisions in our 2022 election."