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Sherman, Carl Sr.


Representative Carl O. Sherman files legislation on transparency of catfish mislabeling

Austin, Texas – Next time you order catfish from a restaurant menu thank State Representative Carl O. Sherman (Dist. 109) if House Bill 928 passes this legislative session.
Representative Sherman’s House Bill relates to the sale and identification of Swai fish, since currently restaurants are not required to label Swai fish resulting in restaurant and food service providers many times mislabeling it as catfish.
“I believe in the transparency of proper labeling in regard to the type of fish a consumer is being served when ordering a meal or buying a product,” Representative Sherman said. “Swai fish, also known as Pangasius or Basa, is a type of fish that is often used to make fish fillets. It is a less expensive catfish substitution and I believe consumers have a right to know what they are being served.”
Swai fish has, over the years, been sold under the false identity of as many as 19 various types of fish. It is usually farmed in crowded, large scale fish farms and imported from Asia.
“I also have concern with the type of farming being done regarding Swai fish since the methods used to farm elicit environmental concerns as well as a disturbing mercury level that questions health safety.”
With this bill being passed consumers will not have to worry about the current mislabeling of Swai fish and can be assured what they order, or purchase is indeed the product they are receiving.
To watch the procedure of this House Bill follow the Public Health committee at

About District 109: Representative Sherman proudly represents the citizens of House District 109, which includes DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Lancaster, Wilmer, as well as parts of Ovilla, Ferris, Seagoville, and Dallas. He sits on the House Appropriations Committee, the House Corrections Committee and, also sat on the special select judicial committee.