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Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program

As State Representative, I have the honor of nominating an outstanding student to the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program. In doing so, I am asking your help in selecting an El Paso student who meets the criteria, and has gone above and beyond to serve their community. The criteria for the scholarship program found on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board website is as follows:

Must meet two out of the following 4 requirements

• Is on track to graduate or graduated high school with the Distinguished Level of Achievement Plan or the International Baccalaureate Program
• A high school GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Achieved a college readiness score on the SAT (1070) or ACT (23)
• Ranked in the top one-third of the prospective high school graduating class
Additional requirements following the nomination include:
• Enroll in a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) or another undergraduate officer commissioning program while enrolled in the institution, as certified by the institution.
• Agree to
o complete four years of ROTC training or the equivalent of four years of ROTC training if the institution awards ROTC credit for prior service in any branch of the U.S. Armed Services or the Texas Armed National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, Texas State Guard, United States Coast Guard, or United States Merchant Marine, or another undergraduate officer commissioning program;
o graduate no later than six years after the date first enrolled;
• After graduation, enter into
o a four year commitment to be a member of the Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard,
Texas State Guard, United States Coast Guard, or United States Merchant Marine; or
o contract to serve as a commissioned officer in any branch of the armed services of the United States.

I ask that you share this with your NJROTC program directors and other teachers. Preference will be given to students that live within House District 79; however, if you find a student you feel deserves the scholarship and he/she does not reside in my district, please feel free to recommend him/her, and I will pass the information to the home Representative if I do not choose that student. Additionally, you can find a student’s Representative by going to and providing the student’s address.

I ask that for each student you submit the test scores, GPA along with a letter of recommendation from the teacher or recommending staff member to my Legislative Director, Cassidy Riza, at If you have any questions about submissions, please email or call Cassidy in my Austin office at (512) 463-0596.

Please have all submissions to Cassidy by end of day Monday, July 29th. Nominations are due to the Coordinating Board on the 31st, and this allows us adequate time to review the applications.

I am honored to have the privilege of nominating a deserving El Pasoan for this scholarship, and appreciate your support in the matter.

Cassidy Riza