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Toth, Steve


457th Judicial District for Montgomery County Approved by Legislature

Austin, TX -- The Texas House on Friday approved Rep. Toth's request to add a new district court in Montgomery County as part of an omnibus bill.

S.B. 891 incorporates the provision for the new 457th Judicial District included in H.B. 1437. The House bill was introduced by Rep. Toth (Conroe) in February.

"I sought the new judicial district at the behest of our Commissioners' Court and county judges to address the growing number of caseloads in Montgomery County," Rep. Toth said, "I am pleased to announce that the people of Montgomery County will soon have a new court providing quicker disposition of their cases."

Judge Tracy Gilbert, who oversees the 418th District Court in Montgomery County, said he was
"grateful" for the legislators who advanced the measure.

"Caseload data and the Texas Office of Court Administration recognize a need for several new courts in Montgomery County," Gilbert said, "I am extremely grateful for our state representatives and senators who recognize the need for a new district court in Montgomery County and appreciate their efforts in making it come to fruition."

The Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Judges, Judge Phil Grant, pointed to the pace at which the County is growing to justify the need for a new court.

“Montgomery County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the state. While our size in relation to other counties would support approximately three additional courts, this new district court will be a huge step towards maintaining efficient and effective judicial resources for the citizens of our county," Grant said, "Many thanks to Representative Toth and Senator Creighton for their efforts in securing this much needed new court.”

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